Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Educational Experience of Young Men of Color

The report seeks to identify not only what we know but also what we don’t know about young men of color. It places this investigation within the context of President Obama’s call for the United States to retake its position as the world’s best educated nation. America cannot achieve this lofty goal without seriously engaging
the issue of increased diversity on college campuses. It is also clear from the existing research, however, that the situation is much more complex than simply addressing the gender disparities now emerging.Young women of color, though performing better than young men, are themselves still in need of serious attention. This, therefore, cannot be seen as a zero-sum game. While greater attention needs to be paid to the growing disparity between young women and young men of color, clearly, we will have to devise ways of serving both populations well.

Source: College Board [via New York Times]

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