Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Ukraine Population Census

Issues of identity, language and ethnicity have been mentioned as part of the background of recent events in Ukraine, although scholars and commentators have diverging opinions on the extent to which they really reflect divisions in Ukrainian society. The 2001 Ukraine population census is available online with the following break out tables and information:
  • Total number of actual population
  • According to the refined data of the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001, the total number of the actual population of Ukraine at the date of 5 December 2001 accounted for 48.457 thousand people.

  • Urban and rural population
    The number of the urban population, according to the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001 data, accounted for 32.574 thousand persons, or 67.2%, and that of the rural population 15.883 thousand people, or 32.8%.

  • Gender structure of the population
  • According to the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001 data, the number of men totaled 22.441 thousand people, or 46.3%, that of women - 26.016 thousand people, or 53.7%.

  • Number of the cities
  • During the years that have passed since the census of the population ‘1989, the number of towns in Ukraine has increased by 20 and on the date of the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001 there were 454 units.

  • Permanent population
  • The total number of the permanent population of Ukraine on the date of 5 December 2001 accounted for 48.241 thousand people, including men – 22.316 thousand people, or 46.3%, women - 25.925 thousand people, or 53.7%; the urban population – 32.291 thousand people, or 66.9%, the rural population – 15.950 thousand people, or 33.1%.

  • Age structure of population
  • The age structure of the population, stated by the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001, is characterized by the following data: the part of children in population has decreased, while the part of the persons at the age older than able-to-work has increased, that considerably complicates present demographic situation in the country and says about ageing of the population.

  • National composition of the population
  • The peculiarity of the national structure of the population of Ukraine is its multinational composition. According to the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001 data, the representatives of more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups live on the territory of the country.

  • Linguistic composition of population
  • The language structure of Ukraine, according to the All-Ukrainian Census data, is various. The part of those whose mother tongue is Ukrainian totals 67.5% of the population of Ukraine, this is by 2.8 percentage points more than in 1989. The percentage of those whose mother tongue is Russian totals 29.6% of the population. Comparatively with the data of previous census this index has decreased by 3.2 percentage points. The part of other languages, specified like mother tongue, during the period that have passed since previous census has increased by 0.4 percentage points and accounts for 2.9%.

  • Educational level of the population
  • The results of the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001 testified to the tendency to the rise of the educational standard of the population and the increase in the number of people with higher and complete secondary education.

  • Marital status
  • According to the All-Ukrainian Population Census ‘2001 data the number of married men and women accounted for 23.7 million people.

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