Thursday, April 24, 2014

New U.S. Gov. Report & Online Data Tool: “Young Adult Voting: An Analysis of Presidential Elections, 1964-2012″

From the report:
This research, which uses data from select November Current Population Survey (CPS) Voting and Registration Supplements, comprises two main sections, each of which corresponds to a major criterion for determining voting eligibility. The main difference in the two sections has to do with the population base used to calculate voting rates. The first section covers the period of 1964–2012 and focuses solely on the voting-age population, or the number of individuals who are old enough to vote legally in a given election, regardless of citizenship or other criteria.
Download pdf of Young Adult Voting: An Analysis of Presidential Elections, 1964-2012

Online Data Tool:
Census Bureau released an interactive Voting Report that provides comparisons of voting and registration patterns by demographic, social and geographic characteristics for the U.S. and states.
View interactive Voting Report

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