Thursday, May 29, 2014

Something Changed: The Social and Legal Status of Homosexuality in America as Reported by the New York Times

Homosexuality, though proven to be a naturally occurring phenomenon, has been a recurring subject of controversy: for years, homosexuality was classified as a disease, labeling gay citizens as sick at best, perverts at worst. As recently as fifty years ago, seen the best reception an active homosexual could hope for was to be seen as having a terrible affliction which must be cured. Gay citizens were treated as second-class citizens, with every aspect of their lifestyles condemned by society and the government. This thesis is a history of the changing social and legal status of homosexuality in the United States, from the 1920′s. Something certainly has changed, in law and society, and I propose to explore the change and to explain why and how it happened. 
Source: Florida State University (Berard – Open Access Honors Thesis)

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